bathroom decor

bathroom decor
  • Beautiful Christmas bathroom décor to add Christmas fun spirit this year

    Beautiful Christmas bathroom decor to add Christmas fun spirit this year

    When Christmas is really closer to your door you may always consider decorating your whole house but sometimes you neglect to decorate your bathroom to welcome the Christmas warmly. The bathroom is one of your important areas inside your house and it is extremely in use like your living area by family, friends, and guests as well. Let me tell you how to decorate your bathroom for Christmas to fit this year trend and beautiful look. you can get an overall décor makeover for this year Christmas or you can get some simple accessories to add the Christmas holy and funny spirit through your bathroom. Do you think about getting a Christmas wreath to decorate your bathroom? If you didn’t…

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  • Decorate bathroom interior design

    Decorate bathroom interior design

    Many people search for the best look of bathroom interior designs. Here are some tips to have a nice bathroom interior. One good point is choosing ornamenting bathroom interior tiles. They must be fitting to complement your bathtub, walls and floors. They also must be attractive, distinguished and easy to clean. When you choose the tiles, take in to consideration their bright appearance and choose the orientation of the tiles on the walls. It is preferable to put them in a diagonal way. Another thing is to be considered is the interior wall color. Interior walls must be lively and fashionable. Most bathrooms colors and finishing are usually white, but try to paint the interior walls in lime green or…

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  • Would you like to perfectly decorate your tropical bathroom? Follow these tips

    Would you like to perfectly decorate your tropical bathroom? Follow these tips

    Tropical theme is one of the best ways to beautify your bathroom. Using vivid tropical bathroom décor such as a tropical fish wall art or even tropical wall hangings will help you get rid of your old boring bathroom style and bring life back to it. In spite of setting up tropical bathroom decor is not that easy as you expect, you will turn your bathroom into a cozy and relaxing room of heaven. In case you have a master bathroom, it can be easily a tropical retreat by using a colorful tropical decor in the middle of winter. Also you should not worry about being on budget because the decoration process won’t cost you an arm or a leg!…

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  • Brilliant Ideas for Bathroom Décor

    Brilliant Ideas for Bathroom Decor

    Bathrooms are one of the places that people frequently want to remodel it because there are always continuous updates in terms of bathroom appliances and fixtures. That makes many people look for creative ideas for bathroom decor to update its look. And by applying the right bathroom decor ideas, you can get a new and fresh look to your bathroom. Below are some ideas you can do in order to redo your bathroom. 1. Many bathroom decor ideas tend to bring the outdoors inside the home. If you like to go with this trend, you can consider an open air shower. Or another good option is to have windows that are floor to ceiling in the bathroom which overlooking the…

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  • 5 tips for Bathroom Decorating

    5 tips for Bathroom Decorating

    Thinking about renewing your bathroom shouldn’t cost you a lot of money, if you are n a tight budget you can still redecorate your bathroom and turn it into a more relaxing and beautiful one by following these tips. The mirror is an important item in your bathroom you can change its look by building a decorative frame around it by using wooden strips of molding which you can paint with a modern bright color and attach it to the edge on the mirror. you can find in a variety of styles, sizes and designs. Mirrors gives the room twice its size. It brightens up the space and increases the light in your bathroom. Moreover, you can Turn Towels Into…

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  • Tips for Decorating Your Bathroom

    Tips for Decorating Your Bathroom

    The bathroom is one of the most used rooms at home which decorating it should be given great attention. The bathroom décor should go with the décor of the rest of your home and it should be done in a perfect way to make the bathroom a relaxing and pleasant room. You can use one theme of decorating in the entire house and that will be attractive for your guests and will make your bathroom look cohesive. In the following part, we will discuss some bathroom home decor tips. – The color is the first thing you should consider in designing your bathroom. Many people prefer white because it makes the decor looks simple. But there are also many colors…

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  • Modern bathroom décor – Here’s how

    Modern bathroom decor – Here’s how

    No wonder that bathrooms are very important rooms that are designed for personal sanitation. They require accurate care in term of cleaning and maintaining hygiene. But you’d better not to keep your bath area plain, bland and unornamented. The contemporary home décor is known for having a place for bathroom. It all depends on your taste and arrangements to decorate the shower room. Among many style options to choose from, there is the modern bathroom design that will make your bathroom elegant and modern than you might think. Here are a few decorating tips and ideas that will definitely help you:  Shower curtains and window curtains. The shower curtains help separate and safeguard the bathing area, while the window…

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  • Thank me later! Creative bathroom tile décor designs and ideas

    Thank me later! Creative bathroom tile decor designs and ideas

    Believe it or not, choosing the right kind of bathroom tiles plays an important role in making your bathroom attractive, stylish and cozy. Bathroom tiles form the basic and the essential building block in any bathroom design. Delhi is your way to go if you are seeking different options of tiles as they are available in various shapes, sizes, texture, patterns and colors. One of the few places in any house that you can feel seclusion at its finest, this place is bathroom. In order to take away all the body’s stress from the entire day at work, we have relaxing showers. Here are some bathroom tile ideas that will help you choosing the best bathroom floor tile:  You…

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  • 4 Brilliant Ideas for bathroom decorations, lighting and colors

    4 Brilliant Ideas for bathroom decorations, lighting and colors

    There is no doubt that the bathroom is a vital part of the house. Bathroom style dramatically affects the beauty of the house. So we must take care of the bathroom’s decorations. Such as, mirrors, lighting, colors Etc.There are many ideas that can help us choose bathroom design and make it more beautiful: 1- Lighting of bathroom: lighting greatly effect the beauty of the bathroom (or any room for that matter). So, we must choose carefully bathroom lighting level and style. We can use modern lighting designs. I prefer double shade drum lighting, because it make us feel as if the space of bathroom is larger. 2- choosing right placement of mirrors : mirrors are very important in the bathroom…

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  • Tips for Remodeling and Decorating Your Bathroom

    Tips for Remodeling and Decorating Your Bathroom

    As the bathroom is an important part of any home, those days manufacturers produce special bathroom accessories to make it more elegant. And wooden bathroom cabinet is one of those popular attractive accessories. The quality of the wood is an essential point in your choice. You can choose Oak, Pine, Maple and Cherry. Then, choose the color that matches the theme of your bathroom. If you are in love with the traditional look, a cherry wood bathroom corner should be your choice. Walnut is another option you have; it is a hard and durable wood which can be used as a wooden bathroom cabinet. Bathroom decorating ideas for children should still follow basic design rules: 1) Do not install many…

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  • The best ways to decorate your bathroom

    The best ways to decorate your bathroom

    Colors play a great role in your bathroom remodeling plan. When you start coordinating colors in your bathroom design, use neutral colors on your walls. Use light colors if you have a small bathroom to make it looks much larger. In the other hand, if your bathroom is large using deep rich colors will give it cozy and comfortable look. Some people think that using light colors in remodeling their bathrooms is boring. But if they use borders, stencils, or stickers the walls will look definitely different. The central point in creating great compact bathroom designs is to take advantage of the space you have in the most appropriate way. So these are some tips for small bathroom decorating to…

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  • Instructions to Make Shower Curtains and Decorate your bathroom with Monograms

    Instructions to Make Shower Curtains and Decorate your bathroom with Monograms

    Monogram decorating is the art of using the first letters of a person’s first, middle, and last names to design an area. Monogram can decorate bathroom items like towels, mirror, shower curtain and walls. You can apply this style easily to your bathroom by following those instructions: 1. Put a range of solid colored hand towels on a table. Buy a monogram patches from any craft supply stores and attach iron on them. At the bottom center of each towel lay one patch and keep a heated iron on each patch for 30 seconds. Now you have a nice towel you can hang it on your towel rack or hook in the bathroom. 2. Lay your fabric shower curtain on…

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  • Incredible bathroom décor styles and ideas that inspire

    Incredible bathroom decor styles and ideas that inspire

    Have you ever thought how to decorate your bathroom properly and what style should you choose? Usually, many people will tell you that they have their own choice in choosing the style. So, why don’t you spruce your bathroom with some of these style ideas? Here are few but golden ideas: 1. Using beach and ocean themes are so popular for bathrooms. A wicker or whitewashed wooden pieces can be used as furniture to add the natural feeling. Beach theme can be bright blue or peach besides you can add many sea shells or similar accessories. You can use pale green or blue paint colors to add the feeling of the sea in the ocean theme. 2. Tropical decorating style…

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  • Thank me later: Unique bathroom decor ideas and styles

    Thank me later: Unique bathroom decor ideas and styles

    You may not believe me but bathrooms are not only utility or function rooms, they are places where you can spend some time with yourself and indulge yourself. Many homeowners don’t take risks with their bathroom decorating. Bathrooms are about cleanliness but, from a decorating point of view, they’re about creating mood. Keep in mind that decorating your bathroom reveals your personality. Here is a rundown of the best bathroom decorating ideas: – Lighting: It’s a very standard decor in your bathroom and a necessary fixture in it. New lighting designs and fixtures are the most cost-effective and underrated was to improve your bathroom lighting decorating. Aesthetic lighting is an ultimate addition to the decor that include many options like: Wall…

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  • Surprisingly amazing ideas for traditional bathroom décor

    Surprisingly amazing ideas for traditional bathroom decor

    Believe it or not, in order to create an amazing home, you have to obtain a well-decorated traditional bathroom. The most appropriate home for the traditional bathroom style is the formal home. A traditional roll-top bath is the best choice for you if you have enough space available. There are various choices of taps and mixers that will create an ideal partnership. Gilded finishes, floral fabrics and accents that heavily include porcelain are what the traditional style known for. Here are the traditional bathroom styles’ key features:  Marble counter-tops.  Furniture-like cabinetry.  Details such as Crown Molding, Chair Molding and finely crafted woodwork.  Natural surface materials like stone and tile.  Clean-line or formal window treatments such…

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  • All you want to know about rustic bathroom décor

    All you want to know about rustic bathroom decor

    Believe me or not, remodeling any part of your home is a frightening experience. Rustic bathroom décor is characterized by involving dark earth tones and patterns of things like pine cones, tree leaves and bear tracks. The medicine cabinet could look as if it was made of a solid piece of wood and the knobs on your sink look like acorns. You should be afraid if your wallpaper might perfectly mimic Abraham Lincoln Logs! As we review the rustic bathroom décor, a real log cabins are passé despite rustic cabins are hip and popular. If someone start going on about rustic bathroom décor, you should know that they want to make your bathroom look like it’s in a log cabin.…

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  • Ridiculously simple ways to improve your bathroom décor basics

    Ridiculously simple ways to improve your bathroom decor basics

    Do you know that bathrooms are an individual’s private space and their decor reflects this changed outlook? That’s why you should be careful and pay enough attention to the decor. To be honest, you cannot neglect the fact that your bathroom needs a proper decor to create a good impression in your visitors’ minds about you and your home! Your guests should have the feeling of comfortability while using your bathroom by investing a good amount of money and time because the bathroom decor reflects your care. Here are few things you should know about bathroom decorating: 1. Focus the idea of basic simplicity and utility when it comes to explore different modern bathroom designs. 2. Being practical in choices…

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  • Top reasons why you should go for country bathroom décor

    Top reasons why you should go for country bathroom decor

    Believe it or not, the country rustic theme is a big theme among house décor today! Country bathroom decorating is a great idea for your bathroom as it’s known for being big and popular theme besides the feeling of being convenient and cozy of the country rustic decorated house. Simplicity is the main goal that many new and modern design themes seek these days, although country rustic bathroom decorating ideas focus on not keeping it simple! Covering almost every square inch of the wall space in your bathroom is what’s meant to be country bathroom decorating. Sticking to the country theme and colors are the main keys to keep the looking tastefully cluttered like tan, red and green. One of…

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