bathroom designs

bathroom designs
  • Your ultimate guide to master bathroom interior designs

    Your ultimate guide to master bathroom interior designs

    Do you know that decorating a master bathroom is fun and needs a lot of work? Keeping it simple is the best idea to do that. When you decide designing you’re your master bathroom, you should keep things in mind like: the type of fixtures to go with and the type of décor fixtures you will include. Here are the factors you must consider to create your lovely bathroom: Lighting is a key component in any house, especially in the bathroom. One of the most popular ways to provide more light is recessed lighting and they are found in ceiling and in the walls. Mirrors are another great way to make it brighter as they reflect the light throughout the…

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  • How to Design a Nature Bathroom

    How to Design a Nature Bathroom

    For many, bathing is not only about cleaning the body, but also the mind. And of course installing an Asian bathroom vanity unit will enhance the relaxing atmosphere of an oriental inspired bathroom. Free Standing and built in are the two types of vanity units. Built in vanity units consist of a washbasin typically set into a counter with a cabinet beneath. For the countertop, the good materials are marble, granite, or ceramic. If you want to give you bathroom a more modern look, go with free-standing vanity unit. In this case, you will make one selection as the vanity and the top are in one piece. A nature bathroom design became more popular to people who want to spotlight…

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  • How these tips will change your way of bathroom interior designs

    How these tips will change your way of bathroom interior designs

    It is very important to have a proper designed home as it is your mirror. It reflects your style, personality and your way of living in an outspoken manner. Believe it or not but bathroom is one of the most neglected rooms in the house judging by looking its best. Lucky you, bathroom interior design is easy and simple. To reduce clutter in your bathroom, attractive custom storage can help keep your important toiletries and cleaning supplies tidily out of sight. Here are tips for your bathroom interior design: – Light it right! You can choose from various light fixtures for the bathroom depending on the existing light, ventilation and size. – Storage Space in Bathrooms: You need enough space…

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  • Top vanities bathroom designs that inspire

    Top Vanities bathroom designs that inspire

    Do you know that choosing the centerpiece of your bathroom design is very important? An exceptional vanity design requires careful planning and attention to detail. There are plenty of decisions to be made, from the layout and style to the types of sinks and countertops. This six-step process gives you a game plan to follow as you’re designing your new vanity space. 1. Settle on a Layout. A galley layout includes two vanity spaces separated by a pass-through. Each of these spaces can include sinks, or you can use one space to wash up and the other for seating. Many bathrooms feature horizontal vanities with one section of cabinetry. These vanities are efficient and take full advantage of available storage…

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  • Haven’t you heard about Victorian bathroom design?

    Haven’t you heard about Victorian bathroom design?

    Do you know that Victorian bathroom design is a union between old and new world? Most designers have a way to use the available floor space with stinks and they allow the full usage of small shelves made of lacquered wood and drawers carved in intricate designs and patterns. Victoria and Albert with ball and claw feet are effective Victorian styles that are available from manufacturers similar to that period. Mirrors with decorative edges and pictures were popular features seen in bathrooms. A great way to imitate the united front families resembled in this period is black and white family portraits. These portraits should be placed in the main focus of the room to view them clearly. Clutter is common…

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  • Have you heard about these stylish bathroom interior designs?

    Have you heard about these stylish bathroom interior designs?

    Do you know that by making a little effort, you can make your bathroom design interesting instead of being boring and outdated? Having a good looking bathroom will make you feel satisfied when your guest get amazed. Bathroom accessories such as bathroom bins, bathroom shower accessories, bathroom scales, towel rings, towel bars, wardrobe hooks, soap dish and tissues holders, are necessary to transform your bathroom into a thing of beauty. How about making your bathroom more stylish? Let’s take a look at these tips to make your bathroom contemporary: – Choosing a theme: The moment you choose the decorative theme, your sense of creation works and brings out the unique look to your bathroom. Reveal your personality by choosing your…

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  • Don’t waste your time! Small bathroom interior designs ideas that inspire

    Small bathroom interior designs ideas that inspire

    Do you know that nothing better than setting in the bathtub and enjoying the touch of water on your skin? If you’re looking for small bathroom designing ideas, you have to stick to a plan as it’s a little tricky since you have limited space. Here are 3 easy steps for a small bathroom remodel: 1. Search for your favorite design ideas online. Simply, you can find hundreds or even thousands of new popular bathroom interior design ideas online. Mixing and matching different parts that you like from various remodeling pictures is your best way to come up with your own perfect design idea. 2. Pick the coloring, the location, and the objects involved. Each bathroom design is determined by…

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  • Thank me later – Different types of bathroom interior design that inspire

    Different types of bathroom interior design that inspire

    Do you agree with me that interior design can be highly versatile? Here is my advice to you: Keep it simple! Keep in mind that hardware choices should be your main concern when designing your bathroom. In fact, any interior design reflects the personality of the owner of the space. That’s why all the interior decoration “reality” shows are so annoying and exaggerated. It’s depressing to find great bathroom tile design ideas, that’s why you should find a bathroom tile design idea that suit and match important areas such as looks, functionality and reality. Here are different options to get the best ideas for bathroom tile design: – Interior Designer: A good experienced interior designer is a great option although…

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  • Surprisingly creative bathroom wall paper designs

    Surprisingly creative bathroom wall paper designs

    Don’t you agree that bathrooms are not just for utility purposes, but also for setting your mood or comfort and relax? There are different ideas and techniques to make bathrooms reveal your personality. You should keep few things in mind before you start decorating your bathroom such as the size, shape, the decor that is already in the room and your budget. Shall we start mentioning some ideas that will make your bathroom look surprisingly amazing? In order to change the look of the room, paint your walls with a pale soft color scheme. There are different designs to choose from, when it comes to painting your wall such as Faux finishes as they are widely popular and easy to…

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  • The Art of Designing a Victorian Bathroom

    The Art of Designing a Victorian Bathroom

    Victorian bathroom design combines the Old and New World. The Victorian era represents a magnificent regality and vintage chic. And a Victorian bathroom can best resemble express this attitude. – The main piece that being the most used item in the bathroom is the sink. With sinks, you can use the available floor space as well as the shelves and drawers. The most popular sink in the Victorian bathrooms is that shaped like pedestals with round traditional basin or square contemporary one. You can choose the base that meets your needs whether a single column pedestal or a two-legged table sink design. The brass or iron legs will give your bathroom a vintage atmosphere. If sinks with stands are not…

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  • 2016 Latest Bathroom Mirror, Frame, and Light Designs Available

    2018 Latest Bathroom Mirror, Frame, and Light Designs Available

    The bathroom mirror is not only a piece of accessories, it has also a function; it has a magical power to brighten up your whole bathroom area and make it look spacious. In addition that it helps you when doing your daily task as brushing your teeth, washing your face and so on. Thus, when it comes to choosing your bathroom mirror you should pick the one that will enhance your bathroom look and please you every day when looking at it. in 2018 market, there is a variety of mirrors designs that will amaze you. When you pick a bathroom mirror, there are various styles with or without a frame. In addition, you will need a light to beautify…

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  • 2016 Modern interior design bathroom ideas and décor

    2018 Modern interior design bathroom ideas and decor

    When it comes to your own bathroom interior design, it sounds great to get one of the amazing 2018 modern interior bathroom designs. You may wonder why I suggest that for you. The reason is really simple bathroom needs to be comfortable because it is the first and last area used in your house to get ready in the morning and to relax before getting abed. Modern interior bathroom designs of 2018 provide your home with the maximum coziness and luxurious you can even ever imagine. The fun journey will begin now with us in this article to get some ideas about the new trends available for modern interior design bathrooms. White is never out when it comes to Modern…

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  • 2016 modern bathroom sinks for unique and creative homeowners

    2018 modern bathroom sinks for unique and creative homeowners

    The bathroom sink is one of the important and basic elements for any bathroom designs. it is like any other elements, has a variety of design, styles, shapes, materials and even colors. As we talk about modern bathrooms so we will target only modern sinks to discuss. In this article, we will review the amazing variety of modern bathroom sinks in 2018 market for unique home tastes. Unique modern bathroom sinks are really perfect for the persons who love to design their homes always uniquely. For these unique persons who think always outside the box, 2018 modern bathroom décor world provides them with unique and modern shaped sinks to fit their needs and taste to be able to reflect their…

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  • 2016 home decorating ideas for trendy and functional bathrooms

    2018 home decorating ideas for trendy and functional bathrooms

    Your bathroom is an essential part of your whole home. It needs a severe care when decorating it. in 2018 decor world, there are many and various ideas to give you a charming bathroom look with the maximum functionality you need. Read this article with us you will get enough ideas and information that help you when starting your bathroom decor mission. Let start the fun with the latest trend available in 2018 market for charming and functional bedrooms. What are the trendy colors for 2018 bathrooms? You may wonder! You will really amaze by the variety of 2018 bathroom colors’ trends which will fit and suit every homeowner needs, taste and style. The most popular bathroom colors are White,…

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  • 2016 Hot Trends of Modern Bathroom Vanities

    2018 Hot Trends of Modern Bathroom Vanities

    The bathroom vanity is not a piece of décor it also is a functional piece to store your items. When you are about choosing the one you need to pick one that complete your bathroom look and satisfy your needs and taste. In 2018 Market, there are available now some hot trends of modern bathroom vanities to fit every homeowner needs. Whether you have a spacious or limited bathroom are you will definitely find what you desire. Here are some of 2018 hot trends of modern bathroom vanities that will pop up your bathroom look. the vanities available in 2018 market are various in sizes, colors, shapes and materials as well. Let’s begin with a modern mirrored vanity; it is…

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  • Enhance your bathroom coziness by an ideal bathtub

    Enhance your bathroom coziness by an ideal bathtub

    Your bathroom is not like any ordinary room inside your house, it needs a high care while decorating it. It is the place where you need to have the maximum relaxation as possible besides not only you use this room, but also your family and friends do either. That’s why you have to add your personal touch with the coziest feel too. The bathroom includes many furniture like bathtub, sink, other fixtures and accessories. In this article, I will focus on an important element in your bathroom which is a bathtub. The bathtub is an amazing element where you can have more relaxation for your mind and muscles during a pleasing shower after a hard or long day. The bathtubs…

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  • Feel the charm and coziness of the European bathroom design

    Feel the charm and coziness of the European bathroom design

    European bathroom design is getting popular to apply in modern homes of 2016. That’s because of the stylish look and comfortable feel that the European designs provide. As the bathroom is the place where you prefer to wind after a long and hard day, this European design should be your choice to enhance your home value and beauty, European bathrooms, in general, are different from any other bathrooms, as they are narrow and long. The European bathroom designs care about functionality with a stylish look. so whatever space is you will have incredible bathroom design within European inspirations. Colors and materials that are popular in the European bathroom designs will be the first thing to discuss in this article. The…

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